Who makes the Snow?
Written by Naresh Ramchandani Illustrated by Ilyanna Kerr Published by HarperCollins

The story captured in the book divides the Saks store into two worlds, the subterranean world of the bubble makers and the imaginary world of the snow makers who inhabit the roof of the building. Connecting the two is a curious little girl called Holly who whilst shopping in Saks on Christmas Eve with her parents finds a door which allows her into both worlds.

First she visits the cave full of fantastic machines operated by people in beautiful gowns. She then rides a bubble produced by the machines, which takes her to the roof where she meets the yetis that make the snow. The Saks window displays picture Holly in the land of the Bubble makers.

The windows displays and book were launched at a glittering reception which saw Fifth Avenue closed and ballerinas performing in the street.

Clients Saks Fifth Avenue and Pentagram
Concept and Window displays designed by Pentagram

© Ilyanna Kerr