Tomorrows Great Pageant 
3 colour risograph print, edition of 30, 2019

Illustration for ’Tomorrow's Great Pageant', a socially charged project by @postworkerstheatre that re-imagines the 1909 iconic Suffrage play ‘A Pageant of Great Women’ for a C21st non-binary context. The original play by Cicely Hamilton was inspired by a political cartoon (by W.H Margeston) that depicts a woman appealing at the foot of justice, while prejudice tries to drag her away. The play featured the embodiment of ‘Justice’, ‘Woman’ and ‘Prejudice’ with a cast of 45 historic women it served to promote a feminist perspective on emancipation. 

@theplace_bedford collaborated with @bedfordcreativearts_ and Post Workers Theatre to collectively reimagine the historic suffrage play through a series of performative workshops. The new illustration needed to reflect the new context of the play while still retaining a connection to the original illustration in order to serve as starting point for discussions as well as a promotional piece.

The original political cartoon by W.H Margeston

© Ilyanna Kerr