Posters promoting the first two series of discussions
Logo for The Great Moving Left Show
Full visual Identity launching June 2019

The Great Moving Left Show strives to be an intellectual workshop for the Corbyn project. It seeks to provide a much-needed space where the collective intellectual capacities of the left become focussed on the political and strategic questions posed today. Acting as a intellectual pole of attraction, the series will seek to provide a supportive role in developing the political ideas of the Corbyn project, taking on the crucial question of how to elaborate a socialist strategy under neoliberal capitalism. It will seek to fill the lack of intellectual-political spaces where practicable knowledge for the left can be produced and discussed.

Without these material spaces of self-education, new generations coming into socialist ideas will find it harder to develop. Paraphrasing the title of Stuart Hall’s 1979 essay, The Great Moving Left Show seeks to deepen and develop the radical new possibilities for transformation that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has opened up.

© Ilyanna Kerr